Sam Cairo

Created by Gary Phillips and Manoel Magalhães Los Angeles' South Central district, 1958, and private eye SAM CAIRO is on the case, in a digital comic available exclusively on Aces Weekly, a British web site.  And that's about all I know, so far. BUT... It's scripted by Gary Phillips, a man who knows a thing or … Continue reading Sam Cairo

Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)

Created by Rob Gittins In Rob Gittins 2014 imaginative novel, The Poet and the Private Eye, it's New York City, 1953, and JIMMY, a rough-around-the-edges private eye, is hired by Con, the attorney for a big, weekly national magazine (Time, anyone?) to do a "simple tail job," which consists of digging up whatever he can … Continue reading Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)

Frank Grissel

Created by Andersen Gabrych Art by Brad Rader "Whatever you want. You can find it here. Or die looking for it." -- Frank welcomes readers to San Francisco in the intro Few noir novels, let alone graphic novels, wander into the murky areas of sexual desire, never mind homosexual desire, as well or as audaciously … Continue reading Frank Grissel

Jack Cleary & Johnny Betts

Created by Anthony Yerkovitch After the success of Miami Vice and Crime Story, NBC tried for a hat-trick with another stylish, snazzy crime show. Alas, Private Eye just never caught on. In some ways, it probably makes sense -- even its title was as generic as they come. Because this was really just a standard … Continue reading Jack Cleary & Johnny Betts

Lucien Caye

Created by O'Neil De Noux LUCIEN CAYE is a WWII vet (he's got a Purple Heart medal and a Silver Star for bravery to prove it) and a former New Orleans Police Officer in this solid private eye series set in post-war Louisiana, and he's one Big Easy eye who doesn't mind getting a little … Continue reading Lucien Caye