Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Created by Jim Sanderson It's the 1980s, and there's boom money to be made--one way or another--in the hard-scrabble West Texas oil patches out near Odessa, but COLTON PARKER isn't exactly setting the world on fire. He's a chump-change criminal, trying to stay out of trouble, working as a bouncer for a local gambler, and … Continue reading Colton Parker (Jim Sanderson)

Ethan Reckless

Created by Ed¬†Brubaker & Sean Phillips "I'm not a private eye. I'm just... someone who helps people sometimes." It's Los Angeles in the 1980s, and former sixties radical/undercover FBI agent turned surfer dude/troubleshooter (or is that troublemaker?) ¬†ETHAN RECKLESS is on the prowl, going down mean streets Chandler could never have imagined; streets teeming with … Continue reading Ethan Reckless

Mark Desmond

Created by Ernesto Spinelli "I don't know much, but I do know this: the only things that matter are those stupid little rules each of us makes up just so we can find some way of navigating ourselves through life." It's 1980, the crash-and-burn of the idealistic sixties and the morning-after hangover of the Me … Continue reading Mark Desmond