John Talbot

Created by Joe R. Lansdale (1951--) and Lewis Shiner (1950--) A co-creation by two young, aspiring writers, private eye JOHN TALBOT was only showed up in two short stories penned in the late seventies, and those stories didn't exactly set the world on fire. Except... the two young, aspiring writers were Joe R. Lansdale and Lewis Shiner, … Continue reading John Talbot

Billy Raskolnikov & Ringo

Created by William Dylan Powell Peg-legged ex-cop turned unlicensed private eye BILLY RASKOLNIKOV and his pet monkey RINGO (yeah, you read that right) work out of a boat, David's Fifth Margarita, docked in Redfish Bay near Corpus Christi. They've appeared in several humorous short stories in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, set on the Texas coast in the … Continue reading Billy Raskolnikov & Ringo

Jenny Gordon & C.J. Gunn

Created by Jan Grape Originally from Houston, private eye JENNY GORDON and her partner and pal C.J. GUNN (also known as "Cinnamon") are more than just a "coupla good ol' girls." They're also one of the few female duos in the genre in the nineties, appearing in a string of strong and always-entertaining short stories … Continue reading Jenny Gordon & C.J. Gunn

Dixie Flannigan

Created by Chris Rogers Former prosecutor turned Houston bounty hunter DIXIE FLANNIGAN is no cream puff, as she amply demonstrates in her well-received debut, 1998's Bitch Factor. She may be only five feet two inches and 120 pounds, but Dixie proved to be rough-and-ready, no matter what, and her combination of brains, cunning and general bitchiness, … Continue reading Dixie Flannigan

Tony Aapt

Created by Rex Anderson Lawnmower Blues, Rex Anderson's 1998 novel, received a fair amount attention (albeit not commercially) among the early self-publishing crowd when it was first released way back in 1998 by Hard Shell Word Factory, mostly because it was one of the first of a slew of e-books (available on 3.5" diskettes!) commercially … Continue reading Tony Aapt