Brian Devlin & Nick Corsello (The Devlin Connection)

Created by John Wilder In┬áThe Devlin Connection, a short-lived TV series from the early eighties, slick, sophisticated, independently wealthy man-about-town BRIAN DEVLIN (played by Rock Hudson) is retired after a long and successful career as a high-class private eye with branches all over the world. He takes on a prestigious position as Director of the … Continue reading Brian Devlin & Nick Corsello (The Devlin Connection)

Harry “O” Orwell

Created by Howard Rodman HARRY "HARRY O" ORWELL is one of television's most memorable private detectives, made all the more engaging by David Janssen's extremely downbeat and weary portrayal of Orwell, an irascible and contrary man with very little in life to care about, who nevertheless cares very much. For once, first person voice narration … Continue reading Harry “O” Orwell