Mark Brandon

Created by Vernon Warren Pseudonym of George Warren Vernon Chapman (1925-96) "Sleep? Who wanted to sleep, it's for permanent when you're dead, and everyone dies...." -- Brandon turns positively Marlowesque in Runaround (1958) MARK BRANDON is a Chicago P.I. who appeared in a string of rather Chandleresque British hardcovers in the late fifties, one step … Continue reading Mark Brandon

Sandy Stern

Created by Scott Turow (1949--) "A defense lawyer is like a person feeling along a wall, looking for a light switch in the dark." -- Sandy Stern, quoted in The Laws of Our Fathers ALEJANDRO "SANDY" STERN is no private eye. And he's sure no Perry Mason. But like Erle Stanley Gardner's famous creation, Sandy is a … Continue reading Sandy Stern

Abby Williams

Created by Krysten Ritter No, really. That Krysten Ritter. The star of Netflix's Jessica Jones, wrote a private detective thriller, 2017's Bonfire. Actually wrote it herself! And not only doesn't it suck, but it was surprisingly well received! Hotshot environmental lawyer ABBY WILLIAMS has a pretty swell life in Chicago, worlds away from Barrens, Indiana … Continue reading Abby Williams

Joe Hannibal

Created by Wayne D. Dundee Part of an interesting trend in the Reagan-Bush era: neo-Spillane P.I. fiction, complete with enough right-leaning asides and rants to give more than a few lefties the conniptions. Rockford, Illinois' own private eye is JOE HANNIBAL, a tough (but tender) hard-nosed kinda guy, proud of his blue collar roots, much … Continue reading Joe Hannibal