Luke Cage

Created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr. "I ain't about the tights and shit..." -- Cage on why the tiara is gone, in Alias #1 A working class hero is something to be... When LUKE CAGE made his debut in Luke Cage: Hero for Hire in 1972, he was the first African-American superhero to … Continue reading Luke Cage

Ace Harlem

Created by John Terrill and Orrin C. Evans ACE HARLEM, the "famed Negro detective," appeared once and only once, in the first and only issue of All-Negro Comics, a collection of all-new stories put out by the company of the same name, way back in 1947. The book, the brainchild of journalist Orrin C. Evans, … Continue reading Ace Harlem

Jessica Jones

Created Brian Michael Bendis "My greatest weakness is occasionally I give a damn." It's a big leap, going from saving the world -- or at least trying to -- on a regular basis to getting the goods on some middle-aged hubby bopping the babysitter, but it's one JESSICA JONES, former super-hero turned New York City … Continue reading Jessica Jones