Peter Ash

Created by Nick Petrie Maybe someone should send Jack Reacher a box of condoms -- or at least a book telling him where all his babies are. Because the way his bastard sons and daughters are starting to pop up on Amazon, I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't time to clue him in. But … Continue reading Peter Ash

Kim Otto & Carlos Gaspar

Created by Diane Capri Another spin-off from the mega-success of Lee Child'sĀ Jack Reacher is Diane Capri's "Hunt for Jack Reacher" series, featuring FBI Special Agents KIM OTTO and CARLOS GASPAR. Their special off-the-books assignment? Find Jack Reacher. Somehow they always seem to just miss him, and find themselves cleaning up the messes he leaves behind. … Continue reading Kim Otto & Carlos Gaspar

Jim Grant (aka “Resurrection Man”)

Created by Colin CampbellĀ  Sheesh! Apparently Jack Reacher's massive success has not been lost on writers who are not named Lee Child. Colin Campbell's JIM GRANT is yet another cheeky parody/tribute/homage/rip-off. And I do mean cheeky -- Jim Grant is Lee Child's real name. Not that that's the only connection. When we first meet him … Continue reading Jim Grant (aka “Resurrection Man”)

Jack Reacher

Created by Lee Child Pseudonym of James Grant (1954--) "I was thirty-six years old, a citizen of a country I had barely seen, and there were places to go and there were things to do. There were cities, and there was countryside. There were mountains, and there were valleys. There were rivers. There were museums, … Continue reading Jack Reacher