Freddy Otash

Created by James Ellroy "Ellroy’s a dipshit. I knew him in my waning months alive. I’ve been granted tell-all telepathy. I will know that cocksucker cold." -- Freddie nails Ellroy to the wall, in "Shakedown" According to Wikipedia, FREDDIE OTASH was "a Los Angeles police officer, private investigator, author, and a WWII Marine veteran, who became known … Continue reading Freddy Otash

Danny Getchell

Created by James Ellroy "I wiggled wires. I circumscribed circuits. I rigged reciprocal reverb and sent sound to both rooms. I picked up my Polaroid and flew off the floor.I hammered down the hallway. I banged both doors off their bolts. I found the fetching foursome perched in Pat's parlor.Pat was knock-kneed nude. Parker's pants … Continue reading Danny Getchell

Fritz Brown

Created by James Ellroy Self-proclaimed crime fiction enfant terrible James Ellroy's one and only private eye novel to date features morally-ambiguous, Beethoven-loving ex-cop turned low-rent slacker private detective FRITZ BROWN. Fritz admits he isn't Los Angeles' finest police officer, admitting he was "an uneasy, malcontented one at first, until the booze came along and made … Continue reading Fritz Brown