Jeff “Red” Bailey (Out of the Past)

Created by Geoffrey Homes Pseudonym of Daniel Mainwaring (1902-77) "I was at the bottom of the barrel and I was scraping it." -- Jeff Bailey "RED" BAILEY (JEFF in the film) is the world-weary, sleepy-eyed private eye who just wants to forget, in the classic film noir Out of the Past (1947, RKO), based on … Continue reading Jeff “Red” Bailey (Out of the Past)

Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Created by Justin Welton What the world needs now is... A "porn remake" of Double Indemnity? Yes, that's exactly how A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir describes Eruption, an X-rated 1977 cinematic offering that "borrows" the set-up and even lifts some of the dialogue from the 1944 film noir classic, directed by Billy Wilder from … Continue reading Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Screen Guild Theater

Radio Anthology Series (1939-52) aka "The Gulf Screen Guild Show" "The Gulf Screen Guild Theater" "The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre" "Stars In the Air" "Hollywood Sound Stage" "The Camel Screen Guild Theatre" "The Camel Screen Guild Players" "Frontline Theatre" "The Globe Theatre" "Playhouse 25" "Hollywood Sound Stage" SCREEN GUILD THEATER was an anthology series on … Continue reading Screen Guild Theater

Barton Keyes (Double Indemnity)

Created by James M. Cain (1892–1977) "I don't often like somebody. At my trade, you can't afford to. The whole human race looks--a little bit crooked." -- Keyes in Double Indemnity BARTON KEYES is the dogged, determined investigator for General Fidelity of California who puts it all together in Double Indemnity, James M. Cain's classic 1936 tale … Continue reading Barton Keyes (Double Indemnity)

Raymond Chandler’s Secret Cameo

Believe it or not, Raymond Chandler actually makes a cameo in the 1944 film, Double Indemnity. About sixteen minutes in, there's the man himself, sitting on a chair outside claim manager Barton Keyes' office as Neff (Fred MacMurray) walks by. Chandler is reading a paperback -- possibly one of his own? Double Indemnity, of course, … Continue reading Raymond Chandler’s Secret Cameo