Jade de Jong

Created by Jassy Mackenzie A tough private eye with a dark, troubled past? I think we've all had a sip of that brew by now. But author Jassy Mackenzie adds serious kick to the punch by making her hero¬†a woman, and then setting the whole she-bang in South Africa's Johannesburg, a place full of "crazy … Continue reading Jade de Jong

Thabang Maje

Created by Diale Thlolwe (1961--) THABANG MAJE is a retired Johannesburg schoolteacher who supplements his pension by working as a private investigator, or as he refers to himself, "a part-time hunter of absconding fathers, debt defaulters and summons dodgers." In his debut, Ancient Rites (2008), he's hired by an unknown client to find Mamorena Marumo, … Continue reading Thabang Maje