Lin Melchan

Created by Warren Lucas Pseudonym of John Kobler (1910-2000) He's usually lumped in with the infamous "defective detectives" of the "weird menace" pulps of the 1930s, but private eye LIN MELCHAN's "affliction" is pretty much the opposite of that of Leon Byrne's deaf detective Dan Holden. Lin was blessed (or was it cursed?) with a … Continue reading Lin Melchan

Peter Quest

Created by John Kobler Pseudonyms include Warren Lucas (1910-2000) Hokey as heck, but Hey! It's the pulps! One of the infamous "defective detectives," former medical student PETER QUEST was a nearly-blind New York City private eye who suffered from glaucoma. Not the world's most well-adjusted individual, his affliction left Peter a "reckless, world-weary embittered man" … Continue reading Peter Quest