Lin Melchan

Created by Warren Lucas
Pseudonym of John Kobler

He’s usually lumped in with the infamous “defective detectives” of the “weird menace” pulps of the 1930s, but private eye LIN MELCHAN‘s “affliction” is pretty much the opposite of that of Leon Byrne’s deaf detective Dan Holden.

Lin was blessed (or was it cursed?) with a heightened sense of hearing. So heightened that it’s painful for him.

Alas, he only appeared in one story, published in Dime Mystery.

But Warren Lucas was actually a pseudonym of John Kobler, the creator of another alternately-abled gumshoe,
Peter Quest, who suffered from glaucoma, and whose vision tended to fade at the wrong times.


  • “The Devil Beats Death’s Drums” (December 1938, Dime Mystery)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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