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58 thoughts on “Sorry, pal…

  1. I saw a post that said you had a good overview of A man Called Hawk. I really like the series, and would be interested.

      1. Please don’t expect a public reply to every comment left on this page–that way would lead to madness (on my part). But rest assured I read every one, and act on it as quickly as possible.

        Please be patient. And hold on to your ticket stub, just in case.

  2. Hmmmmm…. looking for Philip Marlowe….. Tailed him here but he must have seen me and slipped out the back. I’ll be at the bar if you find him.

  3. Link to the Carrie Cashin page isn’t working. Get “bum steer” message.

  4. Bookmarked “Keri Krane” some time ago; now it’s lost in the shuffle. Tried the menus–no dice. Can we get a fixed link, please? Thanks!


  6. Was looking for your thoughts on Carole Stanwyck & Sydney Kovack of Partners in Crime… hadn’t heard about this series until very recently.

  7. I was trying to get to the “El Ape and Deadbeat Sleeze, The Sleeze Brothers Website” from Wikipedia and I landed here. This is a nice page, but not what I wanted. 🙁

  8. Some yeara ago, i wrote up a brief article about private eye Joe Posner.,m which you posted.

    Checking out your site today, I found no trace of my Joe Posner write-up.

    Was Joe thrown out of the Private Eye Club?

    What’s up?

    Sincerely, Joe Posner: Private Guy

      1. Thanks for getting “Joe Posner’ back. Probably because he’s got my name, I’m a littler attached to Pikser’s P.I.

        Joe Posner: Still Private, and still a Guy…

  9. Hi Kevin,
    Hope all is well! You may remember me: I was the guy who had the Mike Shayne site (Flagler Street), and you published my story, “Death Lessons,” like 20 years ago. Your site still rocks!

    I just finished the 5th book in William Fuller’s Brad Dolan series, and thought, “Let me check out what Thrilling Detective has to say about it.”

    Just wanted to point out your Brad Dolan page/link is broken. Hope it was ok to alert you to this. Keep up the great work.


      1. Thank you, sir! I appreciate it. I still have emails we traded back in 2000/2001 when I was developing Flagler, picking your brain for advice. I regret letting it fall into disrepair.

        In addition to Fuller’s Dolan, I’ve been plowing through Kane’s Liddell series (see my comment on that page) and Kyle’s Ben Gates series.

        Note: The Ben Gates entry has a broken link.


    1. I have very fond memories of your Mike Shayne site. Matter of fact, I found this comment while googling it as I’m on yet another Shayne kick.

  10. What a great site! I am following a trail of bread crumbs to info about Robert George Dean. The entry on his Wikipedia entry brought me here to a link that doesn’t work. In the list of detectives, Tony Hunter. Thank you!

  11. Greetings Kevin It’s been a while since we talked last . Could you possibly update the Zack Smith entry Cheers Jeff

  12. Looking for the list of 14 best PI novels but more particularly for the longer list of runners up, where I have found some good books.

  13. Greetings Kevin I have another one that I would to have an update on when you have an opportunity if you could, Milan Jacovich Cheers Jeff

    1. Unfortunately, Andrei, I have no control over Wikipedia, and WordPress demands different naming conventions. The new location for the Tracer Bullet is here. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Dang, that one hasn’t been transferred yet. I’ll try to get on it this weekend. In the mean time, to whet your whistle, may I suggest The Private Eye Mix Tape. And other music-related pages are on the way, or already here. You can check ‘em out on My Back Pages.

  14. I followed a link on I had been playing with and asked the AI for a weather report in the style of Raymond Chandler. It came up with that I considered a decent satire and I wondered what else had been done in that style.

  15. Wikipedia page for José Muñoz sez there’s a short bibliography of the “Alack Sinner” series (French and English editions) here, but it looks like he took a powder. If he shows his face, tell him I was looking for him.

  16. Looking for Charles Stubblefield, private detective. Listed under that heading, but nothing further. Any word?

    D. H. Reddall

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