Mariano Mercado

Created by D.L. Champion (1903-68) The only thing that bothers Mexico City private eye MARIANO MERCADO more than germs is... MURDER! Billing himself as a detectivo particular, Mercado appeared in eight novelettes in Dime Detective, between 1944 and 1948. The stories were narrated by Latham who seems to be the North American assistant of Mercado. … Continue reading Mariano Mercado

Alexander L’Hiboux (The Owl)

Created by Bob Forward "I am the Owl. And the Owl never sleeps." For those of you who like a little pulp baked right into the mix, you ought to get a kick out of Bob Forward's two explosive books featuring ALEXANDER L'HIBOUX, whose street name is "THE OWL" ("L'hiboux" is French for "owl"). When … Continue reading Alexander L’Hiboux (The Owl)

Sarge Steel

Created by Pat Mussili, Joe Gill and Dick Giordano "A cool knowing man who savors danger... who will not make one concession to fear... and whose fees may be as little as a smile from a pretty girl!" -- cover blurb from Sarge Steel--Private Detective #1 At 6'1", 198 pounds, blue eyes, black hair and a … Continue reading Sarge Steel

Leonard Shelby (Memento)

Created by Jonathan Nolan Adapted for the screen by Christopher Nolan ''I can't make new memories.'' Seen Memento yet? It's a truly mind-blowing film that should get as much exposure as possible. The main character, LEONARD SHELBY, is (or at least was) a P.I. (well, actually, an insurance investigator). But I think this qualifies him … Continue reading Leonard Shelby (Memento)

Lin Melchan

Created by Warren Lucas Pseudonym of John Kobler (1910-2000) He's usually lumped in with the infamous "defective detectives" of the "weird menace" pulps of the 1930s, but private eye LIN MELCHAN's "affliction" is pretty much the opposite of that of Leon Byrne's deaf detective Dan Holden. Lin was blessed (or was it cursed?) with a … Continue reading Lin Melchan

Caleb Zelic

Created by Emma Viskic "Caleb Zelic can't hear you but he sees everything." -- now that is one great tagline Brutal. That's the word that comes to mind oftenwhen trying to describe this wrenching series. Reminiscent at times of Andrew Vachhs or Paul Cleave, nothing is done by half-measures. When people are killed, they're really … Continue reading Caleb Zelic

Calvin Kane

Created by Russell Gray Pseudonym of Bruno Fischer Other pseudonyms include Harrison Storm) (1908-1992) Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and behold the infamous Crab Detective! CALVIN KANE was a pulp-era private eye from the thirties whose "severely deformed body made him look like a refugee from a side-show attraction," according to Don Hutchison, pulp historian. … Continue reading Calvin Kane

Nicholas Street

Created by Nat Schachner Pseudonyms include Otis Cameron, Chan Corbett (1895-1955) One of the very first of the pulp's so-called "defective detectives," NICHOLAS STREET suffered from amnesia, thanks to a severe blow to the head (he took his name from where he was found). When we first meet him, he's only recently sprung from the hospital, and … Continue reading Nicholas Street

Peter Quest

Created by John Kobler Pseudonyms include Warren Lucas (1910-2000) Hokey as heck, but Hey! It's the pulps! One of the infamous "defective detectives," former medical student PETER QUEST was a nearly-blind New York City private eye who suffered from glaucoma. Not the world's most well-adjusted individual, his affliction left Peter a "reckless, world-weary embittered man" … Continue reading Peter Quest

Willard P. Webb & Bruno Steele

Created by Curtiss T. Gardner (1898--) Somebody sent me this, with no explanation, but it does sound intriguing... I mean, a couple of insurance dicks, working as a team? And one of them is blind? And those names! WILLARD P. WEBB? BRUNO STEELE? Visions of some unholy, pulpy mix of Double Indemnity and Longstreet are … Continue reading Willard P. Webb & Bruno Steele