Francis Quarles

Created by Julian Symons(1912-1994) Sharp-dressed man about town FRANCIS QUARLES was the low-key private detective who worked the clue-ridden streets of post-WWII London, solving countless cleverly plotted fair-play short stories in the fifties and sixties, paying homage to the Golden Age of crime fiction. Most of them first appeared in The London Evening Standard, although … Continue reading Francis Quarles

My Scrapbook: The Hard-boiledness Scale

Ten Hard-boiled Dicks, Rated All of the American private eyes have tough exteriors and are well-skilled at delivering a punch. Some, such as Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, are unremittingly hard-boiled. Others reveal a soft centre at times and occasionally pull their punches. The leading private eyes are here rated 1 to 10 for "hard-boiledness." Thus … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Hard-boiledness Scale