Skeeter Barlow

Created by James M. Reasoner & Livia J. Washburn At a shade over six feet, and a tad under 150 pounds, CASSANDRA "SKEETER" BARLOW's a cowgirl who knows how to take care of herself. By night, she bounces rowdy cowboys and keeps the peace at the Horsehead Bar and Grill in Fort Worth, Texas, and … Continue reading Skeeter Barlow


Created by James M. Reasoner (1953--) Fort Worth private eye CODY, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, is a sort of Texan Lew Archer with a little Spenser -- and a lot of brooding -- tossed in. He's in his early forties, well-educated, and prone to contemplation and often poetic turns of … Continue reading Cody

Lucas Hallam

Created by L.J. Washburn (1957 --) Shucks. LUCAS HALLAM is an ex-Texas Ranger and honest-to-god cowboy trying to make a living as a stuntman in the Hollywood of the 1920's. But times are tough and business practices can get a mite rough in the fledgling movie industry, so ol' Luke ends up tossing his Stetson … Continue reading Lucas Hallam