Morris Baker

Created by Josh Weiss When MORRIS BAKER  first appeared, in 2022’s Beat the Devils, he wasn’t a private eye. Or was he? With alternate history novels, it’s hard to keep track, sometimes, as history is folded, bent and mutilated to fit the author’s vision. In Beat the Devils (2022), set in a hellish version of the post-WWII … Continue reading Morris Baker

Harry Bosch

Created by Michael Connelly "Everybody counts, or nobody counts" -- Harry's mantra "No, not Harry Bosch," he said quietly... "It's always just what he wants. He's always been a private investigator, even when he carried a badge."  -- an FBI agent (Lost Light) EDITOR'S NOTE: After eight novels with a badge, Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch finally became … Continue reading Harry Bosch