Chris Tierney, Fabio Calvalcanti and Anna Holz (TECX)

Created by -- Supposedly ho-hum, this glossy but short-lived British TV show revolved around a trio of young, ambitious Brussels-based private eyes. CHRIS TIERNEY (played by Ron Spendlove), a former grape picker and teacher from the U.K., is convinced by an Italian wine businessman and Raymond Chandler junkie FABIO CAVALCANTI (Urbano Barberini) to help him … Continue reading Chris Tierney, Fabio Calvalcanti and Anna Holz (TECX)

Jeff Prior

Set in the 1930s, The Investigators was a short-lived (13 episodes and out) 1958 television series about a hip young New York private eye, JEFF PRIOR, who counted on his dad, Lloyd, a former newspaperman, to help him out. Jeff was something of a brawler, "a combination of McGraw and Mike Hammer," and was quick … Continue reading Jeff Prior