John Smith (Sangster)

Created by Jimmy Sangster (2011) JOHN SMITH used to work for British Intelligence, but he decided it wasn't for him. So he blackmailed his way out, and now toils as a private investigator with an office right in the midst of swinging London in the swinging sixties. But don't expect some Carnaby Street, or anything--Smith's world … Continue reading John Smith (Sangster)

John Shaft

Created by Ernest Tidyman (1928-84) Who is the man Who would risk his neck for his brother man? SHAFT! Who's the cat who won't cop out When there's danger all about? SHAFT! He's a complicated man And no one understands him like his woman JOHN SHAFT You say this cat Shaft is a mean mother- … Continue reading John Shaft

Benny Cooperman

Created by Howard Engel (1931-2019) “She was the sort of woman that made you wish you’d taken another three minutes shaving... I felt a little under-dressed in my own office” Oh Canada! The Great White North may be under-represented in the private eye field, but we do have Howard Engel's BENNY COOPERMAN, one of the … Continue reading Benny Cooperman

The Made-for-Television Movies & Pilots

Of course, the line gets damn blurry sometimes. Is a two-hour Rockford Files episode a TV movie? Should Banacek be listed as a series or a series of separate TV movies? Was The Dain Curse a mini-series or a multi-part TV movie? Does a two-hour pilot get listed as a TV movie if it fails? … Continue reading The Made-for-Television Movies & Pilots