Pericles “Perry” Christo

Created by Lee Child, Mary Higgins Clark, John Connolly, Charlaine Harris, CJ Box, Mark Billingham, Lawrence Block, Ken Bruen, Alafair Burke, Stephen L. Carter, Marcia Clark, Max Allan Collins, James Grady, Heather Graham, Bryan Gruley, Val McDermid, SJ Rozan, Dana Stabenow, Lisa Unger, and Sarah Weinman. Yet another of those sprawling, episodic, collaborative mystery efforts … Continue reading Pericles “Perry” Christo

Max Allan Collins

Pseudonyms include Patrick Culhane, Barbara Allan (1948--) Jack of all trades, and master of a ton of 'em. Iowa's MAX ALLAN COLLINS is a baby-boomer renaissance man in the crime and mystery genre. He's done comic strips, comic books, trading cards, short stories, novels, film, and even television novelizations. He's written hard-boiled, noir, cozies, horror, … Continue reading Max Allan Collins


Created by Max Allan Collins (1948--) No, NOLAN's not really a private eye. What he is is a tough guy, a professional thief, reminiscent of Richard Stark's Parker, who no doubt influenced Nolan's creator, the then-25 year old Max Allan Collins. The difference, though, is that right from the beginning, in his 1973 debut, the … Continue reading Nolan

Johnny Dynamite

Created by Ken Fitch Pseudonym of William Waugh and Pete Morisi "The Wild Man from Chicago! He's rough! He's Tough!┬áHe's JOHNNY DYNAMITE!" JOHNNY DYNAMITE was definitely the best of the pre-Comics Code comic book eyes of the fiftiies -- and, it turned out, the one with the longest legs. He made his debut in "I'll … Continue reading Johnny Dynamite

Mike Mist

Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty It's been a long, long road for MIKE MIST, the handsome Chicago private eye with a taste for comic books and bad puns, and a flair for solving murders in a minute or two. A pet project of Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty, co-creators of that … Continue reading Mike Mist

Ms. Tree

Created by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty Since Mike Hammer was originally planned for comic books, it only seems fitting that Spillane defender/apologist and hard-boiled renaissance man Max Allan Collins' "female Mike Hammer," MICHAEL TREE, should appear in the appropriate medium. And who knows? Collins is probably most famous for his historical detective novels … Continue reading Ms. Tree


Created by Max Allan Collins (1948--) The first series I know of to be based on the exploits of a hired killer, predating both Loren Estleman's Peter Macklin and Lawrence Block's Keller, was the QUARRY series penned by baby boomer renaissance man Max Allan Collins, creator of Nate Heller, Ms. Tree, Mallory, Nolan, et al. … Continue reading Quarry

Caleb York

Created by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins picks up the reins on a story idea by his old pal Mickey, and lets fly on a rootin,' tootin' honest-to-God western series revolving around former Wells Fargo detective CALEB YORK, who wanders the South West, a gun-for-hire tracking down assorted desperadoes and dispatching … Continue reading Caleb York

Nate Heller

Created by Max Allan Collins "I was rereading The Maltese Falcon for a community college class I was about to teach, and noticed the copyright -- 1929 -- and had the thought, 'Huh, that's the year of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. That means Sam Spade and Al Capone were contemporaries.' That started me thinking … Continue reading Nate Heller

Mike Hammer

Created by Mickey Spillane (1918-2006) "The monicker is Mike Hammer, kid. I'm a private eye." -- please allow him to introduce himself (I, the Jury) ONE TAKE Whatever else you may think about MIKE HAMMER, one word may well be appropriate: extreme. The Hammer books are not only extreme in their subject matter, but they … Continue reading Mike Hammer