Pete Shay

Created by Peter McCurtin Pseudonyms include Jack Slade, Gene Curry (1929-1997) PETE SHAY is a New York City private eye who appeared in two 1979 gritty paperback originals from Belmont Tower—Minnesota Strip and Loanshark. Given the publisher, it’s no surprise that Shay is cut from very familiar cloth. Divorced, an ex-cop (ex-MP in his case), … Continue reading Pete Shay

Private Eyes by the Number

P.I.s in Men's Adventure Books     Ah, those Men's Adventure novels of the seventies and eighties! To an Anglo kid growing up in the early seventies in the woodsy Quebec boondocks where English-language books were few and far between, a bi-weekly visit to the Greenfield Park shopping centre always included popping into--with my parent's permission--Book … Continue reading Private Eyes by the Number

Le poulpe (Gabriel Lecouvreur)

Created by Patrick Raynal, Jean-Bernard Pouy, & Serge Quadruppani Written by Patrick Raynal, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Serge Quadruppani, Jean-Gérard Imbar, Marc Villard and others Was it just a gimmick? Or a brave publishing experiment? Maybe it was both. GABRIEL LECOUVREUR, also known as "LE POULPE" was, according to co-creator Patrick Raynal, "something of an avenger, an outlaw, a Robin Hood and … Continue reading Le poulpe (Gabriel Lecouvreur)