“My Client’s Wife”

By Michael Bracken Featuring "Moe Ron" Boyette Spring 2007 I watched my client's wife through the open French doors leading from their bedroom to the back patio, surprised at my reaction to her half-clothed figure, and I knew that it would be another long, hard night. "Anything?" my client asked the following morning. I shook my … Continue reading “My Client’s Wife”

Welcome to Texas, y’all.

Address to Attendees at the 2019 PWA Shamus Awards Banquet By Michael Bracken Dallas, Texas Nov. 1, 2019 Welcome to Texas, y’all. More than just part of fly-over America, the Lone Star State is home to an incredible diversity of ethnicities, religious affiliations, political persuasions, sexual orientations, and sociological stratification. Located within the confines of … Continue reading Welcome to Texas, y’all.