Jack McEvoy

Created by Michael Connelly When we first meet JACK McEVOY in The Poet (1996), he's a tabloid reporter for Denver's Rocky Mountain News, and murder is his beat. But when his brother, a cop, commits suicide, he really throws himself into his work. He decides to do a feature on police suicide and stumbles across … Continue reading Jack McEvoy

Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer)

Created by Michael Connelly "Everybody lies... Cops lie. Lawyers lie. Witnesses lie. The victims lie. A trial is a contest of lies." -- Mickey Haller in The Brass Verdict Best known for his popular series about dark horse cop (and sometime private eye) Harry Bosch, author Michael Connelly has also dabbled with other almost-eye protagonists, … Continue reading Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer)

Harry Bosch

Created by Michael Connelly "Everybody counts, or nobody counts" -- Harry's mantra "No, not Harry Bosch," he said quietly... "It's always just what he wants. He's always been a private investigator, even when he carried a badge."  -- an FBI agent (Lost Light) EDITOR'S NOTE: After eight novels with a badge, Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch finally became … Continue reading Harry Bosch