My Bookshelf: One Night with Nora Blonde Ale

My Bookshelf One Night with Nora Blonde Ale Pulp Fiction You Can Drink? I shit thee not. I was bookhunting in Pasadena one fine sunny afternoon when, seeking shelter from all that damn sunshine, I stumbled across this local brew on the menu at some prefab watering hole on Colorado, just down the street from … Continue reading My Bookshelf: One Night with Nora Blonde Ale

Quinny Hite

Created by Richard Burke (1886-1962) QUINNY HITE? QUINNY? How the hell did this guy ever survive childhood with a monicker like that? But I guess he did survive, first as a cop and later as a cocky, derby-wearing private dick around town. Not that he's some swanky member of the elite--nope, Quinny definitely a working … Continue reading Quinny Hite

Ben Gates

Created by Robert KylePseudonym of Robert TerrallOther pseudonyms include John Gonzales, Brett Halliday(1914-2009) Apparently BEN GATES is "one of the few detectives in New York who can keep his mouth shut", although "nobody claims he's a saint." He appeared in five affably amusing PBO's printed by Dell in the late fifties/early sixties. The usual period … Continue reading Ben Gates

Who Was Brett Halliday?

Hmmm... sounds like a case for Mike Shayne “I was thrilled to be Brett Halliday.” — James Reasoner Davis Dresser, the original Brett Halliday, allegedly wrote only fifty (ONLY!) of the Mike Shayne books, with a little help from ghostwriters such as Ryerson Johnson, while twenty-seven more were written by Robert Terrall. And then there … Continue reading Who Was Brett Halliday?

Johnny Hawk

Created by Edward Y. Breese (1912-79) JOHHNY HAWK, an "odd-job man for emergencies, a trouble shooter and a free-lance free-lance", showed up in a series of solid short stories that appeared in mystery digests like Mike Shayne and Alfred Hitchcock in the late sixties to mid-seventies. Edward Y. Breese was born in 1912 in Trenton, New Jersey, … Continue reading Johnny Hawk

My Scrapbook: The Michael Shayne page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

My Scrapbook The Michael Shayne page from Radio's Golden Years by Breese and Lynes This is the Michael Shayne entry from Radio's Golden Years: A Visual Guide to the Shows & Stars, a 1998 self-published, limited edition labour of love by Frank Bresee and Bobb Lynes. It may not be the most thorough of reference book on … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Michael Shayne page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes