Who Was Brett Halliday?

Hmmm…sounds like a case for Mike Shayne

Davis Dresser, the original Brett Halliday, actually wrote only fifty (ONLY!) of the Mike Shayne books, with a little help from ghostwriters such as Ryerson Johnson, and twenty-seven more were written by Robert Terrall. And then there were the 300 or so short stories that appeared in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.

  • Robert Arthur
  • Michael Avallone
  • Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet
  • Edward Y. Breese
  • Hal Charles
  • Richard Deming
  • Davis Dresser (the original Brett Halliday-fifty novels!)
  • Peter Germano
  • Ryerson Johnson (allegedly “helped” Dresser with the first fifty Shayne books)
  • Frank Belknap Long
  • David Mazroff (1 story, possibly others)
  • Dennis Lynds (the most prolific, with approximately 80 stories)
  • Sam Merwin Jr. (MSMM‘s first editor)
  • Bill Pronzini and Jeff Wallman
  • James Reasoner
  • Robert Terral (27 novels)
  • Robert Turner


Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.

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  1. I always liked the Mike Shayne books. I read most of them decades ago before I realized that Brett Halliday was not an actual person. Once I found out, I still liked reading about Shayne and his adventures “Halliday’ was not Chandler or MacDonald and he wasn’t Spillane but I found the novels to be consistently entertaining – not deep perhaps but fun to read.

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