Rick Shannon/Buddy Miles

Created by Bill Fitzhugh Goofmeister Bill Fitzhugh's Radio Activity (2004) introduced RICK SHANNON, an out-of-work DJ whose new job at a small FM classic rock station in a small Mississippi town turns out to be a bit of a bust--the station's under new management, the program director's disappeared and the spacious digs he's been promised turn out … Continue reading Rick Shannon/Buddy Miles

Louis Kincaid

Created by P. J. Parrish Joint pseudonym of Kristy and Kelly Montee At first I was wondering why on earth the PWA nominated Paint It Black, featuring P.J. Parrish's 1980's series character, LOUIS KINCAID, for a Shamus. The Louis Kincaid I knew was a transplanted Detroit cop who journeyed back home to Black Pool, Mississippi … Continue reading Louis Kincaid

Whistlin’ Dixie

Southern Eyes NORTH CAROLINA Casey Jones by Katy Munger (Raleigh, North Carolina) Cam Richter by P.T. Deutermann (North Carolina) SWEET HOME ALABAMA, PLAY THAT DEAD BAND'S SONG Ennis Skinner by Kirk Curnutt GEORGIA ON MY MIND Ace Chaney by Christian Garrison (Atlanta) Sunny Childs by Ruth Birmingham (Atlanta) Callahan Garrity by Kathy Hogan Trochek (Atlanta) … Continue reading Whistlin’ Dixie

Sarah Booth Delaney

Created by Carolyn Haines Private eye SARAH BOOTH DELANEY plies her trade in Zinnia, Mississippi in a crazy popular series of southern cozies that offers a little something for everyone: adorable pets, old mansions, woo-woo, madcap adventures, recipes and plenty of zany friends and family, including (but not limited to) her red tick hound Sweetie Pie, … Continue reading Sarah Booth Delaney