Montréal Eyes (C’est ma ville, aussi…)

Murder in a Distinct Society "(Montreal is) almost as crooked as we are" -- Philip Marlowe in "The Pencil" "I had to stick my finger in my ear and raise my voice to blot out the jabber from a gang of French-Canadians who had decided to convene near the exit to the Smith terminal. Montréal … Continue reading Montréal Eyes (C’est ma ville, aussi…)

D’Arcy Kennedy

Created by Ian Truman "I was a bit of an asshole sometimes. Maybe just a little." -- D'Arcy comes clean, in Down with the Underdogs Another eye from the "magnificient city of Montreal" and this one's a corker! Mind you, it takes D'ARCY KENNEDY a while to get his P.I. mojo working -- in his … Continue reading D’Arcy Kennedy