Claudius Lyon & Arnie Woodbine

Created by Loren D. Estleman(1952--) "Are you familiar with the work of Rex Stout?" A great series of short stories by P.I. master Estleman, creator of Amos Walker, Valentino et al, is both homage and gentle parody of Rex Stout's beloved Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. ARNIE WOODBINE isĀ an ex-con who boasts that he's a … Continue reading Claudius Lyon & Arnie Woodbine

In the Shadow of the Wolfe

Variations on a Theme, Originally Composed by Rex Stout Despite the fact Rex Stout cranked out a veritable mountain of stories, novellas and novels about Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, the public wanted more, more, more. And other writers couldn't help but try to hop on the gravy train, with their own reimaginings. Berkeley Barnes … Continue reading In the Shadow of the Wolfe

Claire Conrad & Maggie Hill

Created by Melodie Johnson Howe "If you've missed the old Nero Wolfe, try this superb switch as two females replace Nero and Archie." That's the recommendation of The Hartford Courant (see? I read 'em all!), and for once, this is a backcover blurb that pretty much nailed it. The two females in question in that … Continue reading Claire Conrad & Maggie Hill