Billie Levine

Created by Kimberly G. Giarratano Nothin' else matters in this whole wide world, when you're in love with a Jersey girl... Okay, okay, I’m not pledging my troth or anything like that to Billie Levine, the 24-year-old walking mess of a rookie P.I. that’s the star of YA author Kimberly Giarratano's impressive adult debut, Death of a … Continue reading Billie Levine

Kathy O’Connor (The Sunset Strip Case)

Created by Harold Joyce Live! Naked! Detecting! Okay, so KATHY O'CONNOR's not a private eye or even a cop. She's just another small-time showgirl (aren't they all?) who poses as a stripper to investigate her father's murder, in 1941 piece of cinematic silliness initally titled The Sunset Murder Case. It seems the owner of the … Continue reading Kathy O’Connor (The Sunset Strip Case)

Jerry Wheeler

Created by Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich Pseudonyms include George Hopley & William Irish (1903-1968) Live! Naked! Detecting! Call it a weakness, but the idea of a stripper sleuth gets me going in all sorts of ways. And this no doubt unhealthy and definitely adolescent obsession started with a short story read at a tender young age that I still … Continue reading Jerry Wheeler

Pole Positions

Stripper Detectives Okay, okay, most of these characters ARE NOT private eyes. But they do take their clothes off. I admit it -- I have a definite weakness for stripper/detectives, ever since I read "Angel Face" by Cornell Woolrich, which featured Jerry Wheeler as a stripper who turns gumshoe to save her kid brother from … Continue reading Pole Positions