Riley Kovachs

Created by Gordon DeMarco(1944-95) This series reads like Sam Spade, but with Hammett’s political anger jammed right in your face. And I mean right in your face. If you're leaning to the left and just biding time, waiting for the revolution, RILEY KOVACHS is worth checking out. He works the politically-charged mean streets of Hammett's city … Continue reading Riley Kovachs

Pepe Carvalho

Created by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (1939 - 2003) "Do you realise that we private eyes are the barometers of established morality? I tell you society is rotten. It doesn't believe in anything," declares Spanish private eye PEPE CARVAHLO to his friend, Biscuter, in Southern Seas (1979). Pepe is a fat and cynical eye, who may … Continue reading Pepe Carvalho

We’re Living In a Political World

Eyes Left Crime fiction, it's been argued, is about maintaining the status quo, and ensuring that those with the power continue to keep it--that crime is an anomaly, and that once it's rooted out, order is restored and all is right in the world. It therefore must have a conservative agenda. But more than one … Continue reading We’re Living In a Political World

We’re Livin’ In a Political World: The Bookshelf

Books About (American) Politics & Detective Fiction     Listed chronologically: Madden, David, ed., Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties | Buy this book Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press: 1968. Simply a pivotal, landmark work, one of the first to take an in-depth look at the genre, delving into political and cultural issues. Includes Herbert Ruhm's "Raymond … Continue reading We’re Livin’ In a Political World: The Bookshelf

David DiAngelo

Created by Tim Broderick "The new economy is all about links. Don't have enough time to do that special task? I do. And all you have to do is link up..." DAVID DiANGELO earns his living doing odd jobs, sometimes extremely odd, in Tim Broderick's smart, quirky, ground-breaking web comic, the aptly-titled Odd Jobs, which ran … Continue reading David DiAngelo

Tom Bethany

Created by Jerome Doolittle "That particular spring day, fooling around in the library, I was interested in why good intentions so often end up making things worse than they were before. consequently I was taking notes on a great reform called the Federal Electyion Act of 1971, which gave us political action committees. Before the … Continue reading Tom Bethany