Moses Wine

Created by Roger L. Simon (1943--) Back in 1973, when Roger Simon first introduced MOSES WINE in The Big Fix, just the fact that his laidback, long-haired Los Angeles-based private eye was Jewish and smoked pot was more than enough to shake up the genre. Now, he'd probably have to be a black, physically-challenged Rastafarian … Continue reading Moses Wine

Gentlemen, Name Your Poison (II)

Dabblers, Inhalers & Other┬áSubstance-Abusing Eyes "Most of the time, sleuthing is not the most rewarding work. However, being a drug addict has its charms." -- New York eye Dick Shamus muses on his life Of course, substance abuse, particularly of the illegal variety, is nothing new for private detectives who, after all, came of age … Continue reading Gentlemen, Name Your Poison (II)

Fred Crockett

Created by Brad Lang "There are times when I think that being a private detective has nothing to do with brains or talent or skill." -- Crockett muses on his profession in The Perdition Express Imagine a hipper, younger Rockford. Less political and definitely more hard-boiled than Moses Wine; less Hefneresque than Goulart's John Easy. … Continue reading Fred Crockett

John Denson

Created by Richard Hoyt "I'm a gentleman and a scholar; would you care for some screw-top?" -- Denson greets a client in Decoys Consider him Gonzo-lite. Or maybe a New Age Northwest reincarnation of Shell Scott. Or just a hippy-dippy eye who has certainly inhaled. But there's no denying that Pacific Northwest private eye JOHN … Continue reading John Denson