Boston Blackie

Created by Jack Boyle (1881-1928) "Enemy to those who make him an enemy. Friend to those who have no friend." --from the intro to the Boston Blackie radio show (1945) BOSTON BLACKIE is a rather peculiar character to include here as he wasn't a P.I. in his original incarntation at all, but a jewel thief … Continue reading Boston Blackie


Created by Max Allan Collins (1948--) No, NOLAN's not really a private eye. What he is is a tough guy, a professional thief, reminiscent of Richard Stark's Parker, who no doubt influenced Nolan's creator, the then-25 year old Max Allan Collins. The difference, though, is that right from the beginning, in his 1973 debut, the … Continue reading Nolan


Created by Mike Knowles Who says Canadians are nice? At one point in Darwin's Nightmare (2008), a hard-charging series debut, career criminal and certified nasty piece of work  WILSON confesses he isn’t “one of the good guys.” Well, duh. Before this blitzkrieg of a crime novel has run its course, young Wilson will have inflicted … Continue reading Wilson