Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman He’s a cop, he’s not a cop. Or he is a cop, but don’t tell anyone... But when you’re one of the NYPD’s  boys in blue, and the shit hits the fan, NICK RYAN may be your only hope. When we meet him in his series launch, Sleepless City (2023), … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Coleman)

Gus Murphy

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman Retired Suffolk County cop GUS MURPHY thought he was done with the whole cops-and-robbers thing, content to drive the airport courtesy van for the Paragon Hotel, shop at Costco and do an occasional low-key, P.I.-type favour for a friend. Until his life hits the fan and he's driven back into the … Continue reading Gus Murphy

Robert B. Parker

(1932--2010) Well, the guy had balls, anyway. It's one thing to be compared to the Holy Trinity of Hammett, Chandler and Macdonald. It's quite another to elbow your way in. Particularly for Chandler fans who saw Parker first step into Chandler's hallowed shoes: his completion of Chandler's unfinished last Philip Marlowe novel, Poodle Springs, which … Continue reading Robert B. Parker

Joe Serpe & Bob Healy

Created by Tony Spinosa Pseudonym of Reed Farrel Coleman (1956--) “At his best, Rusty Monaco was a miserable, self-absorbed prick, and tonight he was paying even less attention than usual to the world outside his head” -- the first lines of The Fourth Victim The oilmen cometh... Ex-NYPD detective JOE SERPE is circling the drain, living … Continue reading Joe Serpe & Bob Healy

Gulliver Dowd

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman (1956--) A handsome face on a twisted deformed body is New York private eye GULLIVER DOWD's lot in life. He's so short he fills up "only the bottom half a mirror," his arms and legs are too short for his squat body, his hands too big for his arms, his … Continue reading Gulliver Dowd

Dylan Klein

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman (1956 --) Looking for jobs in all the wrong places. Rough around the edges DYLAN KLEIN is a rather quirky aspiring writer from New York City who's also a sometimes-professional, sometimes-amateur sleuth, and definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer. He seems to change careers about as often … Continue reading Dylan Klein

Moe Prager

Created by Reed Farrel Coleman (1956 --) Guilt. Moral ambivalence. Dark secrets. Murder. In the first novel in this well-received series, Walking the Perfect Square (2002), MOE PRAGER has to deal with all of these. He's a divorced ex-cop who retired from the force early because of a knee injury, struggling to set his personal … Continue reading Moe Prager