Steve Morgan (The Mysterious Mr. Valentine)

Created by Milton Raison There is a nifty little 1946 B-pic called The Mysterious Mr. Valentine from Republic. It stars William Henry as brash loudmouth private eye STEVE MORGAN, and Linda Sterling as his client, Janet Spencer. She hires him after she's accused of hitting and killing a man, following a convoluted string of events featuring … Continue reading Steve Morgan (The Mysterious Mr. Valentine)

Jerry Devery

Created by John Dunkel "You're getting soft, Sylvester. I don't think you broke more than a couple of bones." -- Jerry mouths off to a thug who's just put the hurt on him In the solid little 1945 B-flick The Tiger Woman, private eye JERRY DEVERY (played as a fast-talking smoothie by Kane Richmond) is approached by sexy … Continue reading Jerry Devery