Elso Bari

Created by David C. Hall (1943–) ELSO BARI runs a restaurant in Chicago, but does some private eye work on the side—he’s a whiz at tracking down those who don’t want to be found. He likes good food and good wine, and he dresses well. He even speaks softly and asks questions politely. But don’t mistake … Continue reading Elso Bari

Pearl Nolan (Whitstable Pearl)

Created by Julie Wassmer Now that her beloved son Charlie has trundled off to university (all of fifteen or so minutes away!), restauranteur and single mother PEARL NOLAN finds herself wanting to do more than just work at the family pub/restaurant in the small touristy town of Whitstable on the north coast of Kent in south-east England. … Continue reading Pearl Nolan (Whitstable Pearl)

Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Created by Blake Edwards (1922-2010) In the fifties, realizing he was perhaps a little too long in the tooth to reprise his role as Richard Diamond for television, Dick Powell turned to directing and producing. In 1952, along with David Niven, Charles Boyer and Ida Lupino, Powell created Four Star Television (later Four Star Films), … Continue reading Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Ray Alexander

Created by Dean Hargrove RAY ALEXANDER was a likable-enough detective in a A Taste for Justice, a made-for-TV flick (and pilot for a potential slot in The NBC Friday Night Mystery) that was one of the few television eyes to make much of an impression in that dreary 1994 TV season. Lou Gosset played a retired private … Continue reading Ray Alexander

Rick Cahill

Created by Matt Coyle Ex-cop RICK CAHILL left the Santa Barbara police force under a cloud -- he was suspected of being involved somehow in his wife's death eight years earlier... but nobody could ever prove it. Now he's a La Jolla restauranteur, managing Muldoon's Steak House and living in nearby San Diego, trying to … Continue reading Rick Cahill