Jake Sands

Created by Ron Ely When his wife and daughter are murdered, JAKE SANDS retires from his high-flying life in Los Angeles as a well-paid "recoverer of missing objects and people"  to go hang out with the beach folks in Santa Barbara, California. Not that he's exactly roughing it, though--he  lives in Coco Palms, an exclusive … Continue reading Jake Sands

Jack Starkey

Created by William Wells JACK STARKEY is an ex-homicide cop from Chicago who dumps the Windy City and the CPD to live the life aquatic on a houseboat called Phoenix and runs a bar called the Drunken Parrot in sleepy Fort Myers Beach, Florida, in a couple of easy-going books by William Wells. Jack figures this is the … Continue reading Jack Starkey

Ray Alexander

Created by Dean Hargrove RAY ALEXANDER was a likable-enough detective in a A Taste for Justice, a made-for-TV flick (and pilot for a potential slot in The NBC Friday Night Mystery) that was one of the few television eyes to make much of an impression in that dreary 1994 TV season. Lou Gosset played a retired private … Continue reading Ray Alexander

Roger Ackroyd (Robert Hollister)

Created by Jules Feiffer "God, do I find that man interesting!" -- Robert/Roger on Oscar New York cartoonist Jules Feiffer's first novel, Ackroyd (1977) is a rather strange book, taking the form of the diary of Robert Hollister, a neurotic young man who has decided to become a private eye named ROGER ACKROYD (a tip of the … Continue reading Roger Ackroyd (Robert Hollister)

Harvey Ace

Created by Merle Horwitz Lord, he was born a gamblin' man... Compulsive, obsessively neat, and a smart-dressed man to boot, HARVEY ACE is a retired private eye who'd be more than content to just spend the rest of his life playing the ponies and taking it easy. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, as amply demonstrated … Continue reading Harvey Ace