Harvey Ace

Created by Merle Horwitz

Lord, he was born a gamblin’ man…

Compulsive, obsessively neat, and a smart-dressed man to boot, HARVEY ACE is a retired private eye who’d be more than content to just spend the rest of his life playing the ponies and taking it easy.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, as amply demonstrated in the two paperback originals that comprise this series (and an outlier third novel that popped up twenty years later). Try as he might, Ace is just a shit magnet, whether he’s being stalked by a possibly homicidal old girlfriend, or drawn into the murder investigation of a young woman who dropped dead at his feet.

Because of the horse racing angle, the publisher of the first two books naturally tried to tie them in with Dick Francis in the blurbs, and for good luck they tossed in John D. MacDonald as well, but while I found the books pretty enjoyable, they’re not that good.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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