“The Gospel According to Gordon Black”

By Richard Helms Featuring Eamon Gold Fall 2007 Gordon Black was a short man with an intimidating stare. His hair and beard were completely white. He liked to accentuate his points by drawing circles in the air with his index fingers. “We are nothing but organic flotsam, bobbing in the infinite sea of life. Don't you … Continue reading “The Gospel According to Gordon Black”

Vicar Brekonridge

Created by Richard Helms "Don't count so much on my heart. I have to eat like everyone else." This Helms guy just keeps on making up new and interesting eyes, but VICAR BREKONRIDGE may be one of his more intriguing creations. In 1840s London, Brekonridge is a thief-taker, which means Helms takes pains to explain (in a … Continue reading Vicar Brekonridge

Tommy Crane

Created by Richard Helms "One week, we'd bust up an IWW meeting in the Chicago stockyards. The next week, we'd take a train to Kentucky to drive off organizers encouraging coal miners to join the UMW. Wherever anti-capitalists showed their heads..." With two years of "slogging through the trenches of France" in the Great War … Continue reading Tommy Crane

Pat Gallegher

Created by Richard Helms A promising new private eye was quietly unleashed in Joker Poker (2000) in the guise of PAT GALLEGHER, a guy whose past seems to beg more than a few questions. Pat's a charming, but troubled-plagued jack-of-all trades -- a big bruiser who plays jazz cornet at nights at Holliday's, a local dive, in the heart … Continue reading Pat Gallegher

Eamon Gold

Created by Richard Helms Now here's a real San Francisco treat. EAMON GOLD is the real deal, a City-by-the-Bay ex-cop turned private dick with a taste for Glenlivet, Spenseresque wisecracks and tossing darts around his office. He has an office near Fisherman's Wharf (over a small art gallery owned by his sweetie, a smart and statuesque … Continue reading Eamon Gold