Ben Gates

Created by Robert KylePseudonym of Robert TerrallOther pseudonyms include John Gonzales, Brett Halliday(1914-2009) Apparently BEN GATES is "one of the few detectives in New York who can keep his mouth shut", although "nobody claims he's a saint." He appeared in five affably amusing PBO's printed by Dell in the late fifties/early sixties. The usual period … Continue reading Ben Gates

Harry Horne

Created by¬†John Gonzales Pseudonym of Robert Terrall Other pseudonyms include¬†Robert Kyle, Brett Halliday (1914-2009) Robert Terrall's probably best "known" for his Mike Shayne books that he was under the house name of Brett Halliday, or maybe his Ben Gates books that he wrote as Robert Kyle, but he also wrote four (or was it five?) … Continue reading Harry Horne