Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

They didn't want the word to get out... Mark Wahlberg would make a great Spenser. Maybe he should play him sometime. Because anyone who's ever read any of Parker's novels (or those by his successor Ace Atkins) knows that whoever the hell  Wahlberg was playing in Netflix's 2020 TV flick Spenser Confidential, it wasn't Spenser. Or … Continue reading Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

Urich for Hire

The Private Eye Shows of Robert Urich First of all, let me set the record straight: I don't hate Robert Urich. I am not "spitting on his grave," "disrespecting the man" or being a "jerk wad." But over the years, my general disappointment with the Spenser for Hire TV series--and the casting of actor Robert Urich … Continue reading Urich for Hire


Created by Tom Mankiewicz Women in bikinis, studly Robert Urich in a wetsuit, tropical settings, a pro-ecology message for the kiddies -- this show seemingly had something for everyone. Or thought it did -- it didn't even last a full season. Hot on the heels of Urich's succesful three-year run as Dan Tanna in ABC's … Continue reading Gavilan

Dan Tanna (Vega$)

Created by Michael Mann Remember all those great P.I. shows from the seventies? Well, this was a cheese of another colour. Television's slick Vegas (Oh, sorry -- Vega$) private eye DAN TANNA tooled around town in his flashy, bright red and immaculately restored 1957 T-Bird convertible, complete with .44 Magnum and phone in the popular … Continue reading Dan Tanna (Vega$)