“Like a Matter of Honour”

By Russel D. McLean Featuring Sam Bryson May 1999 . “Aw, c’moan, man,” said Jimmy. He pushed the package across the desk, back towards me. “Just for a wee while.” I looked at the package – a nondescript square box wrapped with brown paper – and then I looked at Jimmy. On anyone else, the … Continue reading “Like a Matter of Honour”

Sam Bryson

Created by Russel D. McLean Before Dundee gumshoe J. McNee took on his first case in The Good Son (2008), another Scots private investigator operated out of the offices at 1, Courthouse Square, Dundee. His name was SAM BRYSON, and he was crime writer Russel D. McLean’s first attempt to create a hardboiled detective in … Continue reading Sam Bryson

J. McNee

Created by Russel D. McLean "I've already shot a man this evening, so what's the difference now?" -- a practical man, that J. McNee is. A former Dundee cop, J. McNEE makes for a particularly moody private eye, all dour brooding and angst, pounding the streets of a well-rendered Dundee, Scotland. McNee quits the police force … Continue reading J. McNee