J. McNee

Created by Russel D. McLean

“I’ve already shot a man this evening, so what’s the difference now?”
— a practical man, that J. McNee is.

A former Dundee cop, J. McNEE makes for a particularly moody private eye, all dour brooding and angst, pounding the streets of a well-rendered Dundee, Scotland.

McNee quits the police force after a horroriffic car crash that killed his girlfriend and left him shattered, both physically and psychologically, so I guess he has a reason for all the moping. Fortunately McLean conjures up more than a mere pity party–he’s got a fresh, original voice, full of heart and sly black humour, which helps make McNee a surprisingly compelling figure, a swirl of grief and guilt and surprising anger.

This is great stuff — one of the more consistent and powerful new series of recent years. For those who like thier P.I. fiction strong, black and unsweetened, without annoying globs of sentimental whipped cream and saccharine-infused sprinkles, I highly recommend you make the acquanitance of Mt. McNee.

The author has written articles and reviews for Crime Spree Magazine, The Big Thrill, At Central Booking and Crime Scene Scotland, while his short fiction has been published in crime magazines and web sites (including Thrilling Detective) in both the US and the UK. He lives in (of course)  Dundee, Scotland.

By the way, McNee’s forerunner, Sam Bryson, also appeared in the pages of Thrilling Detective. The entry on Bryson was even written by the author his own bad self…


  • “The Dundee locale, some mordant Scots wit, and the plausibly clumsy showdown with the sociopaths in an ancient graveyard make this a promising debut.”
    -Thomas Gaughan on The Good Son (Booklist)
  • The Good Son is the most exciting, and gripping, Scottish crime fiction debut of recent years. Stylish and atmospheric, it marks the arrival of a exceptional talent.”
    — John Connolly



  • “Closure” (2019, The Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuth and Private Eye Stories)


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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