Jack Bone

Created by Iain Blair Pseudonyms include Emma Blair (1942-2011) Glasgow's own JACK BONE is a hard-drinking, hard-smokin' kinda lad. He claims he isn't really a detective, that he just helps out folks if the price is right. As long as the job doesn't take him out of Scotland. As far as I know, he's only … Continue reading Jack Bone

Jasmine Sharp

Created by Christopher Brookmyre JASMINE SHARP is a young private eye, a former actress, who co-stars in a series of books by Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre, alongside Detective Superintendent Catherine MacLeod. In a refreshing change of pace, though, Jasmine and Catherine aren't BFFs--fact is, they barely tolerate each other. Catherine consider's Jasmine "a sneaky, duplicitous … Continue reading Jasmine Sharp

Scotland the Brave

Scottish Ayes Oz Blackstone by Matthew Reid, pseudonym of Quintin Jardine (Glasgow) Jack Bone by Iain Blair (Glasgow) Bogie (Francis F. Clunie) by Alan Grant and John Wagner (Glasgow) Sam Bryson by Russell McLean (Dundee) Lennox by Craig Russell (Glasgow) Nicky Mahoun by Clark Smith (Glasgow) J. McNee by Russell McLean (Dundee) Daniel Pike by … Continue reading Scotland the Brave

Dorothy Skelf, Jenny Skelf & Hannah Skelf (The Skelfs)

Created by Doug Johnstone They are women--hear them roar. Tere have been some strange families in the Shamus Game over the years, from the duplicitous, fractious Spellmans of San Francisco and the loud, unruly British-Italian Lunghis to the enternally bickering father-son combo of the Doyles of Newfoundland, but THE SKELFS of Edinburgh, Scotland are in a class … Continue reading Dorothy Skelf, Jenny Skelf & Hannah Skelf (The Skelfs)

Sam Bryson

Created by Russel D. McLean Before Dundee gumshoe J. McNee took on his first case in The Good Son (2008), another Scots private investigator operated out of the offices at 1, Courthouse Square, Dundee. His name was SAM BRYSON, and he was crime writer Russel D. McLean’s first attempt to create a hardboiled detective in … Continue reading Sam Bryson

J. McNee

Created by Russel D. McLean "I've already shot a man this evening, so what's the difference now?" -- a practical man, that J. McNee is. A former Dundee cop, J. McNEE makes for a particularly moody private eye, all dour brooding and angst, pounding the streets of a well-rendered Dundee, Scotland. McNee quits the police force … Continue reading J. McNee

Sam Ireland

Created by Jay Stringer SAM IRELAND, no stranger to booze or cigarettes, is a private investigator who keeps the wolves from the door by doing a little part-time work as bike messenger, peddling her ass up and down the mean streets of Glasgow. She's trying to keep her elderly father's one-man detective agency, Ireland Investigations, … Continue reading Sam Ireland

Quintilian Dalrymple

Created by Paul Johnston How can you not love a PI named QUINTILIAN DALRYMPLE? But this series by Scottish author Paul Johnston has way more going for it than just a protagonist with a peculiar monicker. Imagine Edinburgh as an Orwellian, totalitarian independent city-state in 2020 and that's where you'll find this fellow. A blues-haunted … Continue reading Quintilian Dalrymple