Sam Ireland

Created by Jay Stringer

SAM IRELAND, no stranger to booze or cigarettes, is a private investigator who keeps the wolves from the door by doing a little part-time work as bike messenger, peddling her ass up and down the mean streets of Glasgow. She’s trying to keep her elderly father’s one-man detective agency, Ireland Investigations, running now that dear old dad’s in the nursing home, in a couple of darkly humorous, if predictably coarse books by Jay Stringer.

The books are shite, but good shite. And funny.

Stringer was born in in the Black Country, in the West Midlands of England, and was raised on pulp fiction, comic books, morgue humor, music, and films. He’s dyslexic, hence he approaches the written word like “a bloody cae match.” He’s worked as a zookeeper, a bookseller, a video editor, a call center lackey, a journalist, a “mental health” professional, and a writer of urban crime, mystery, and social fiction, which he calls “social pulp.” He currently lives in Scotland, and would like everyone to know he’s not dead yet. And also that he writes about another P.I., Eoin Miller. And that I’m an asshole.


  • “Jay’s writing has the streetwise toughness, social awareness and pop culture savvy of George Pelecanos and Richard Price.”


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. |

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