Paula Mitchell

Created by Jan Christensen

Perfect Victim (2013), the first in a proposed series, introduced PAULA MITCHELL, a “feisty private investigator” based in the small town of Springton, Rhode Island, whose speciality seems to be helping “women in trouble.”

The book was praised by the SMFS peanut gallery for Paula being “sassy” and being “tough, but not too tough.” It’s been followed by a couple of sequels and at least one short story.

The author grew up in New Jersey but now resides in Texas. She’s had over fifty short stories published, as well as several novels. A loyal member of the SMFS, she has been known to shake a chicken or two, when the mood strikes her.


  • “You’ll like this one!… Like you and me, Paula is not perfect.”
    — Earl Staggs



  • “Paula’s Elephant” (April 2018, digital) Kindle it!


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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