Joe Moran

Created by Dale Clark Pseudonym of Ronal Kayser Other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton (1905-88) "She taught him the steps to a danse macabre." -- the cover blurb of the 1955 paperback Published as half of a 1955 Ace Double (D-109, for those who care about those kinda things), Mambo To Murder by Dale Clark follows former … Continue reading Joe Moran

Dr. Elizabeth Chase

Created by Martha C. Lawrence Once you get beyond (if you can get beyond) the fact that she's a licensed private eye and a "parapsychologist," the adventures of San Diego's DOCTOR ELIZABETH CHASE (two Ph.D.s from Stanford) are quite rewarding. And pretty fun. But then, you knew I was going to say that, right? Actually, part … Continue reading Dr. Elizabeth Chase

Rick and A.J. Simon (Simon & Simon)

Created by Philip DeGuere Ever wonder what would happen if the HARDY BOYS grew up? At least a little bit? Squabbling siblings and San Diego private eye brothers RICK and ANDREW JACKSON "A.J."  SIMON attempted to answer that question every week for seven seasons on Simon & Simon, one of the eighties' more popular detective … Continue reading Rick and A.J. Simon (Simon & Simon)

Artie Weatherby

Created by J.M.T. Miller Pseudonym of Janice M. Tubbs-Miller 1944- Okay, ARTIE WEATHERBY doesn't have exactly a rough-and-tough name like Mike Hammer, but he makes do. Or at least he thinks he does. So what if his beverage of choice is lime-flavored mineral water? Artie's one smug guy, can even get a tad self-righteous, and he … Continue reading Artie Weatherby

Dan Adams (COronado 9)

Created by Lawrence Kimble Rugged and still studly Rod Cameron played DAN ADAMS, a retired naval intelligence officer turned soft spoken San Diego private eye in COronado 9, a short-lived syndicated show from 1960. The title of the show came from Dan Adams' street address on Coronado Island, the affluent San Diego suburb that was Dan's stomping … Continue reading Dan Adams (COronado 9)

Tom Hickey

Created by Ken Kuhlken It's 1943 in San Diego, and the world is at war. An invasion of Nazis headquartered in Mexico is whispered about. A private eye in civilian life, 37-year old TOM HICKEY is doing his bit for the war effort by serving as an MP on border duty. An idealist, Tom has … Continue reading Tom Hickey

Boone Daniels

Created by Don Winslow They call it "surf noir." They call it "surf western." One critic even tagged Winslow as the "unlikely bastard child of Brian Wilson and Raymond Chandler"... All I know is that his BOONE DANIELS (and give Winslow a high five for that monicker) is one righteous San Diego private eye. Sure, … Continue reading Boone Daniels

Harry “O” Orwell

Created by Howard Rodman HARRY "HARRY O" ORWELL is one of television's most memorable private detectives, made all the more engaging by David Janssen's extremely downbeat and weary portrayal of Orwell, an irascible and contrary man with very little in life to care about, who nevertheless cares very much. For once, first person voice narration … Continue reading Harry “O” Orwell

Roland Ford

Created by T. Jefferson Parker T. Jefferson Parker is one of those authors I've been reading off and on for years, since I first spotted the DayGlo colours of the paperback edition of Laguana Heat beckoning to me from a spinner rack sometime in the eighties. Through the years, I've followed his broken and damaged … Continue reading Roland Ford