Props & Peeves II

More Private Eye Stories from A Real-Life P.I. By Colleen Collins I’m a real-life P.I. who loves reading stories featuring my fictional counterparts. Seven years ago, I wrote the article “Props & Peeves! Private Eye Stories from a Real-Life P.I.” for the Thrilling Detective. At the time, I’d twice been a judge for the Private … Continue reading Props & Peeves II

V.I. Warshawski

Created by Sara Paretsky (1947--) "Never tell anybody anything unless you're going to get something better in return." -- V.I. Warshawski in Deadlock "Like Lew Archer before her, (V.I.) looks beyond the surface to 'the farside of the dollar,' the side where power and money corrupt people into making criminal decisions to preserve their positions." … Continue reading V.I. Warshawski