Jacob Asch

Created by Arthur Lyons (1946-2008)  JACOB ASCH was a glib, cynical, half-Jewish reporter for the L.A. Chronicle until he got sent to jail for refusing to reveal a source. He did six months on a contempt of court beef, and when he was sprung, the glamour of journalism, for some reason, had lost its appeal … Continue reading Jacob Asch

Dr. Elizabeth Chase

Created by Martha C. Lawrence Once you get beyond (if you can get beyond) the fact that she's a licensed private eye and a "parapsychologist," the adventures of San Diego's DOCTOR ELIZABETH CHASE (two Ph.D.s from Stanford) are quite rewarding. And pretty fun. But then, you knew I was going to say that, right? Actually, part … Continue reading Dr. Elizabeth Chase

Scott Drayco

Created by B.V. Lawson Handsome former classical piano whiz SCOTT DRAYCO never dreamed he'd end up working for the FBI for years, never mind setting himself up in the the private sector as a battle-scarred "crime consultant." But then he never expected to inherit a falling down Opera House, either. But that's what's happened. A … Continue reading Scott Drayco

Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan

Created by Lisa Sandlin "Still got nine fingers left. Aim to keep them" -- Tom, when asked why he quit working on oil rigs and became a P.I. Let's get this straight. TOM PHELAN is the private eye, and MISS DELPHA WADE is his secretary, but she gets top billing on the cover? What's going on … Continue reading Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan

Willie Cuesta

Created by John Lantigua Edgar-nominated author John Lantigua introduced Cuban-American private eye WILLIE CUESTA in Player's Vendetta (1999), who's set up shop in Miami's Little Havana, when he's not working security at Caliente, his big brother Tommy's salsa club. A former police detective for the Miami PD, has plenty of contacts on the streets, on … Continue reading Willie Cuesta

Maggie Sullivan

Created by M. Ruth Myers Private eye MAGGIE SULLIVAN is ripped right from the pages of the pulps. It takes a tough dame to go down the mean streets of Depression-era Dayton, Ohio, but Maggie's one broad who can handle it -- she's got a bottle of gin in her desk, a Smith & Wesson … Continue reading Maggie Sullivan

Jim Bean

Created by J.D. Allen Not since Sam Spade introduced himself in the Hammett short story "They Can Only Hang You Once" by declaring "My name is Ronald Ames" has a private eye series spun my brain around so quickly as the opening of 19 Souls (2018), which kicks off with what seems like a pretty … Continue reading Jim Bean

Charlie Waldo

Created by Howard Michael Gould "Don't want, don't acquire, don't require. Don't affect. Don't hurt." -- Charlie's mantra Lord knows the shamus game has seen its share of wingnuts, flakes  and downright crackpots, from Sherlock Holmes to Jack Reacher, but CHARLIE WALDO is a welcome addition to the ranks. A former LAPD hotshot detective who was damn … Continue reading Charlie Waldo

August Snow

Created by Stephen Mack Jones His dad was Black and his mom was Hispanic, and there's no doubt former Marine, former police officer and current private eye AUGUST SNOW is inordinately proud of where he comes from--we know that because he constantly reminds us. Still, it's often a thin line he walks between his neighbours … Continue reading August Snow

Rick Cahill

Created by Matt Coyle Ex-cop RICK CAHILL left the police force under a cloud -- he was suspected of being involved somehow in his wife's death eight years earlier but nobody could ever prove it. Now he's a La Jolla restauranteur, trying to keep his head down and his nose out of trouble, doing a … Continue reading Rick Cahill