Richard and Grace Duvall

Created by Arnold Fredericks Pseudonym of Frederic Arnold Kummer (1873-1943) "Good Lord, Chief, am I losing my senses? What is this affair, anyway, a joke?" -- Richard, sharp as a tack as always, in The Blue Lights An early sleuthing couple, preceded only in the genre as far as I can tell, by M. McDonnell … Continue reading Richard and Grace Duvall

The Projectionist (Sherlock Jr.)

Created by Jean C. Havez, Joe Mitchell & Clyde Bruckman Okay, the silent film classic isn't really a private detective film, not really. But it's private eye adjacent, and it's something of a classic, regardless--you won't regret checking out this little bit of surrealistic slapstick. The great Buster Keaton plays a lowly film projectionist (and janitor) who only … Continue reading The Projectionist (Sherlock Jr.)