Vinee Calvino

Created by Christopher G. Moore (1946--) Dubbed the "The Hemingway of Bangkok," expatriate Christopher G. Moore is one of Canada's most successful novelists. Yet, perhaps typically, he's almost unknown in Canada (or North America, for that matter). But in Thailand and Southeast Asia he's become something of a sensation, especially among foreign workers and travelers. … Continue reading Vinee Calvino

Harry Ross

Created by Bob Bergin An old "Asia hand," American ex-pat HARRY ROSS has been bouncing around Southeast Asia, starting back in the days of the Vietnam War, before settling down in Bangkok (mostly). Purporterdly a dealer in Asian antiquities, what he really is is a guy with "an itch for life on the adventurous side," up … Continue reading Harry Ross

The Eyes of Southeast Asia

  Vincent "Vinee" Calvino by Christopher G. Moore (Bangkok, Thailand) Sam Callaghan by Paul Barron & Peter Andrikidis (Serangoon Road) (Singapore) Sebastian "Bass" Damon by Christopher R. Cox (Bangkok, Thailand; originally Boston, MA.) Jayne Keeney by Angela Savage (Bangkok, Thailand) Ladarat Patalung by David Cassaret (Chiang Mai, Thailand) Max Quinlan by Andrew Nette Poke Rafferty … Continue reading The Eyes of Southeast Asia

Poke Rafferty

Created by Timothy Hallinan (1942 --) POKE RAFFERTY doesn't have your typical background for a private eye. He was a travel writer, and in fact, he's still a writer, at least part-time. Plus he's also got to be about the only gumshoe of Filipino-Irish heritage that I can think of. Now he lives in Bangkok, … Continue reading Poke Rafferty

Scanner Grant

Created by Jonathan Kemp Pseudonym of Hans Kemp Sucked in by a "richly scented plea for help" (say what?), struggling Chicago private eye SCANNER GRANT agrees to travel to Hong Kong with his client, Max Zwoelstra, a drop-dead gorgeous cheese heiress, to look for Max’s adoptive father, in A Nose for Trouble (2015), the first in … Continue reading Scanner Grant

Gerhard Maier

Created by Tom Vater Born and raised in East Germany before the wall came down, GERHARD MAIER was an international war correspondent stationed in Southeast Asia, and is now a private investigator working the same region for a Hamburg-based agency in a trilogy of books by journalist Tom Vater. He's forty-something, a big-shouldered, green-eyed guy who speaks … Continue reading Gerhard Maier